Does Forever Affiliate Work?

For the aspiring affiliate marketer, there’s a lot of information and guides out there about building a successful business that can provide more than enough income to live off of.

However, a lot of it isn’t good information.

Some supposed get-rich-quick guides are so aggressive that they’ll get a person kicked from an affiliate network, and get their websites deindexed from Google.

Others are just stuffed full of fat lies written by someone whose only goal was to suck the money out of desperate info-seekers. It’s sad, but this happens.

Anyone who has been giving affiliate marketing a go for even a short time, has probably bought guides that turned out to be a massive waste of their money, time, and energy.

Anyone with a brain would rather bypass any extra work and follow an effective blueprint to success. To do this, purchasing guides is often the first course of action taken.

It only makes sense that if someone wants to achieve success, they need to find and learn from another person who has achieved what they want to do.

Doing this helps take the mystery out of creating passive income online and provides a roadmap to victory.

One guide that is attracting the attention of affiliate marketers is Forever Affiliate by Andrew Hansen.

What Exactly is it About?

It is a course that details how to create passive income from minisites.

These sites can be as small as just 5 pages.

Of course, small doesn’t mean low quality.

It teaches how to write quality content that delivers value to readers and commissions at the same time.

These minisites are designed to deliver the most profit for the least amount of work.

They take advantage of free search engine traffic by ranking for targeted keywords for maximum conversions.

Search engine traffic remains to be the cheapest form (free!) and one of the highest converting forms of traffic.

The whole goal behind this guide is to show how to build lasting passive income that will keep coming month after month.

It is taught as a simple 3 phase process.

Old SEO and Linkbuilding Tactics Don’t Work

How to rank in Google has changed.

Google released several updates that have outdated an made certain linkbuilding and SEO tactics ineffective and even counterproductive.

Many minisite owners who were ranking before these updates now rank nowhere to be seen.

This led to panic in the industry and some gurus even went as far as to say that building minisites doesn’t work anymore.

Andrew Hansen, the creator of Forever Affiliate, knows this isn’t true, because he has been making passive income for the last 7 years.

He knows it works and created this guide to show others his blueprint for success.

Who is Andrew Hansen?

7 years ago Andrew Hansen was struggling to crack the code to making money online just as everyone does when they start.

He made the same mistakes as all beginners and ended up wasting a year of time an money.

Since then, however, he has been making passive income, traveling around the world, and enjoying the life that his success has granted him.

Since he’s been in the game, he’s created several products designed to help those struggling achieve success making money online.

Does Forever Affiliate Actually Work?

Some things that used to work, even just a year ago, do not work now.

This is the nature of the game, and it’s that way because the Internet, search engines, business, and the world is always changing.

Making money online isn’t difficult with the right blueprint in hand. It is difficult when trying to do something or utilize a tactic that just plain doesn’t work.

Even if it worked in the past, it doesn’t matter.

When it comes to ranking a website in Google and driving free targeted traffic to a minisite promoting an affiliate product, all that matters is what is working now.

This course contains everything from start to finish on what is working right now.

It’s the same blueprint that Andrew himself uses to build profitable minisites that earn anywhere from $300-$3000/month of passive income.

The sites that members are taught to build are set up to provide value to visitors and make money.

That way it is a win-win for both visitors and website owner.

If visitors are happy with what they are reading, Google is happy too.

The only thing is, as much as Google would like everyone to think, having a high quality website in most cases isn’t enough to get it ranked and receiving traffic.

It must be promoted, and in a way that won’t upset Google.

Promotion must appear natural and the right kinds and right proportion of backlinks should be built to effectively rank.

This is all covered in the course.

Double Money Back Guarantee

If after trying the course, following it exactly, and giving it 100%, a member can request a refund within 60 days of purchase.

Andrew will not only refund the full purchase price, he’ll also give an additional $100 out of his own pocket.