Do Traffic Exchange Websites Work? And Can You Earn Money With Them?

Traffic exchanges offer a great way to promote someone’s business for free.

That’s the reason why they should always be a part of an advertising arsenal, however, it’s also important to leverage the time effectively, in order to ensure that you wouldn’t surf for hours just to get your hands on those advertising credits.

Without further ado, here’s how traffic exchanges work.

Exchange of Visitors

Traffic exchanges work in a way where the visitors of a particular website are traded with others — this builds traffic, not only for the one who initiated the exchange, but for other web owners as well.

In simpler terms, there are a number of websites where you can post your URL and this URL will be displayed on other websites.

In return, you should display other links or addresses on your site.

This is done in order to ensure that the visitors will be exchanged with others, and it helps in increasing traffic to a website.

A Kind of Promotional Activity

For Internet marketers and web owners, traffic exchanges is not a new concept.

The reason behind is that, when one registers his website using a traffic exchange site, his website or URL will automatically be displayed in several windows of other sites.

Likewise, a number of websites and URLs coming from other web owners will also appear as a separate window.

The idea behind this technique is to attract the visitors who are visiting a site to check the other site (one being advertised as well).

This will ensure an increase in viewership, leading to an increase in traffic.

It’s a kind of promotional activity where one should help the others in order to get the help he needs.

There are a lot of people who benefit from the use of traffic exchange programs.

In fact, most of the beneficiaries are those who sell and market products over the Internet.

Ezine Publishers and Affiliates

Ezine publishers who are in search of ways on how to increase their viewership for the newsletter can also try traffic exchange.

Likewise, affiliates who would want to get more payment through advertisement will also benefit from this.

The Traffic Exchange Program

“Surf” Section

Each traffic exchange website has a “Surf” section.

This is the area where users go in order to earn credits that can be cashed in for views to a website.

Generally, the web owner must visit a number of websites, and each visit should last for about 6-15 seconds.

Once the timer is up, you’ll be brought to another website and earn credit from each website you have surfed on.

Upgrade Options

Basically, traffic exchanges are free of charge.

However, there’s also a very affordable upgrade option to attract the user to upgrade at their favorite exchanges.

For example, using the free version will allow you to surf 2 websites in order to earn credits.

An upgrade will lessen the burden, as you’ll only need to visit one site and you’ll get the credit for it.

Affiliate Incentives

There are also several affiliate incentives you can take advantage of.

Free members will only get 10% commission on every referral, but an upgraded member will enjoy a much higher commission.

Aside from that, you can also use the credit to play games, and there’s a number of ways on how you can accumulate bonuses while surfing– a way to encourage visitors to have a look at your website.

For example, you can get a multiple choice page that asks the visitors to select the last website visited, and choosing it correctly will give you a reward.

Traffic Exchange Can Also Be Used to Promote Products

When a product is sold online, it needs advertisements and promotions, just like other products, and this is not limited to advertising.

Traffic exchange is considered to be the most affordable and easiest way to promote a product online.

One of the most popular traffic exchange sites that you can try is the Traffic Free exchange.

Members don’t have to pay for anything during the registration process, but there’s a catch: they must advertise the site of other users in theirs.

This guarantees an increase in traffic, while promoting others as well.

Traffic exchange is the most effective way on how one can promote his website or products online.

There are several types of traffic exchange programs available for marketers, business owners, and website owners.

If you want to reap the benefits using this method, it’s important to be open minded and be willing to continually learn.

The more you know, the easier it’ll be for you to focus.

Adlandpro and StartXchange are two websites that offer Traffic Exchange