A Guide to Safe and Secure Online Marketing

The Delhi government has sent a clear signal to all the registered and unregistered companies that they have to adopt the services of only the legitimate and safe and secure online marketing companies if they want to survive in the field of business. This is because according to the new laws of the Republic of India, only the companies that operate legitimately are allowed to operate online. These companies have to register with the respective authorities and follow all norms laid down by them. Only then will they be given permission to operate. Under these circumstances only the registered and legitimate companies can survive.

safe and secure online marketing

According to the new rules introduced on the first of February this year, a registered company has to furnish the Delhi government with its corporate identification number or its EIN. The first notification under this law was released on the first of February and after the second week it was implemented on all registered companies. According to this act, the Delhi government was made completely sure that the EIN was furnished by the companies before the end of every calendar month. However it has been observed that many EINs have been furnished after the law was implemented.

This implies that these firms do not have the authorization to operate or may not have the necessary permits to operate. To avoid this, you should take care of three important points while looking for the best and most reputed non-govt company that provides online marketing private equity. First of all check whether the firm has the corporate identification number and EIN. You can get this easily by searching the official website of the state government and also getting in touch with the authorized representatives of the company.

If it does not have the corporate identity number and the EIN, then there is a possibility that the company may be indulged in fraudulent activities. The EIN is issued only by the government of India and if the company is not registered under the SEBI, then it cannot issue it. It is important to check whether the company has a proper and reliable payment gateway. Without the payment gateway there is no possibility of the company conducting transactions on its behalf. Check the gateway also to see whether it can process payments or not. In case it cannot process payments, then the company is not a part of the EOI.

It is also vital to check whether the company is part of accredited organizations or not. Many fraudulent companies are actually outfits of fly-by-night companies that are there just to attract new investors and do not have any experience of online marketing. Even if they have experience of running the business online, it is always good to hire a Delhi based ecommerce outsourcing firm. These firms help the online company and hence are called as professional EOI consultants. There are numerous other professional EOI consultants available but it is advisable to go for an accredited non-govt company because these companies will be more beneficial for you.

You will also be able to save a lot of money if you contact the right consultant company. There are many bogus EOI consultants who charge a lot of money without providing any service and also make fake guarantees. It is important to choose an online marketing consultant company that is well experienced and has a good track record. The consultant company should also have a fair percentage of clients from the government sector, which will enable them to get contracts from various government agencies and also secure contracts for your company.

There are some online consultants who also charge a fee for processing payments through credit cards. This is actually a very common practice. However, this is not advisable. If a company charges for processing payment through credit card, it is not legitimate and the EOI consultants involved will not be able to protect your interests properly. It is better to pay a little fee for processing payments through debit card because this ensures that the client’s funds are only transferred when he/she requests for it. This will be better than paying a large amount of money in case of payment through credit card.

There are many other methods that can be used for safe and secure online marketing. One of them is content marketing through blogs, articles, press releases and videos. The content should be related to your product or service so that customers will be attracted towards your site. Videos are also important, as this will help customers get a better view of the product. You should also remember that if you do all these tactics effectively, then you will be able to improve the ranking of your site on Google search engine and you will get more traffic.